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Comedy Underground

Comedy Underground is located at:
109 S Washington (in Occidental Park)


Located in Occidental Park & Adjacent to "Art in the Park"

The Comedy Underground & Swannies Sports Bar presents: 

The Art of Comedy  Artist at Work Series "Comedy Murals" 

Each month featureing Cynthia Tatum our resident artist, Live Demonstrations, lacing humor and whimsy in her overwhelming productions and backdrops, Come see how an art professional follows her suroundings to come up with complimenting Grand Murals which have permiated all aspects of The Comedy Underground  & Swannies Sports Bar Entertainment Venue.

Demonstration time for First Thursday from 3pm -7:30pm.

Comedy show follows shortly thereafter at 8:30pm. 

Join us in celebrating our 30th anniversary with, breathtaking and expansive murals, a new menu many ticketing promotions and of course plenty of Comedy. We look forward to seeing and laughing with you soon!

For Comedy Underground Ticketing information please go to:

exhibits & events

The Art of Comedy - July 7- October 6

artists: Cynthia Tatum



About The Artist
*Northwest native Cindy Tatum recently returned to the area of her childhood. Previously, Ms. Tatum had focused primarily on creating commissioned portraits. Her paintings had been mostly oil. She is now venturing into the study of new subjects including but not limited to paintings of local neighborhoods, cityscapes and murals, some depicting an air of vintage 1890's Seattle. 
Michaelangelo had the Sistene Chapel. Cindy Tatum has the Comedy Underground and Swannies. “First Thursday Art Walks” are a great occasion to enjoy her creations.
Come see how her work has evolved and diversified from formal portraits to overwhelming urban murals.

Jul 07, 2011 — Oct 06, 2011

category: painting